VIP Escorts What does it mean?

The acronym VIP means in English Very Important Person which means that he is a very important person. These three letters are usually associated with celebrities or people with a lot of money and power. But it is also used by people who work in the adult sector. But what is a Escorts services in Santo Domingo is equal to EscortsRD.

Although many times it is not only the escorts who use it, but the clubs add these letters to their name to increase their importance and differentiate themselves from the rest. They are also used to describe the type of service that an escort does or the floor she has.

But what does it mean that someone is a VIP escort?

When a person is a VIP escort it refers mainly to having a high level. Well because it is well known, because it does its services very well or has a spectacular body, there are many reasons that can lead someone to describe themselves that way.

The girls and boys who use it seek to be important over the rest, as unique and exclusive. They take great care of their appearance and their health, all to attract clients who seek greater discretion and more personalized attention. In fact there are many people who stop calling themselves escort to define themselves as luxury escorts. But the main differences with the rest of escorts and escorts are based on the following ones described.


This type of escorts decides who they have meetings with. They are very clear about what kind of people they serve. In general, we will define your clients very well in your ads as demanding, serious, executive and with money. Almost always, they require the client to book their appointment in advance.


They offer a series of special, personalized, caring and very complete services. They stand out for being very varied and based on taking care of the details. For example, luxury escorts stand out for their hygiene and appearance. Many say “it’s like if you had sex with a lover, you have to give yourself the same”. It is very common for them to offer kind, loving and dedicated treatment.

Price or cost

As always when you get to this topic it is usually uncomfortable. Especially because by differentiating themselves so much from the rest and taking care of both the attention and their appearance they demand compensation in return. In advertisements or publicly you will not be able to see how much the majority charge, so you have to ask when you contact them. But the higher level a escort has, the higher its price. For something they look for demanding clients and offer quality services that are worth what they cost.


The big problem with this is that it can be very attractive to someone. That is, it is very easy to say that you are VIP to be able to charge more for the same. And it’s not good to look for such a service and find something else.

Only from a search in google appear more than 778 thousand results in search of services of “VIP escorts” and 540 thousand looking for “VIP companions in Santo Domingo”. But only in RD escorts we have the best escort services in the entire Dominican Republic.

How do you prefer the services? Would you let yourself be pampered by a VIP escort?

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