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For some, anal play with escorts in Punta Cana is a tempting area, and for others, it is a taboo. No matter which group you belong to, your butt is a place you must explore sooner or later.

And probably now that you think about it, you realize how much fun it can be. Anal play not only makes you feel like a naughty boy, but it can also give pleasure to both you and your companion. If done right, of course.

Yes, it means yes: consent

If you still do not know, you should know that not all the escorts in Dominican Republic are dedicated to anal exploration. Everyone has their reason to say "no". Some fear possible pain, while others simply see no point in having anal sex. But there are also a lot of escorts who love it when they play with their ass, and some say they experience incredible orgasms during anal play.

Although you pay for their services, they are normal women, with personal likes and dislikes. So, if you want to try anal with your escorts, you must make sure that she is offering this service. Otherwise, find someone else, because insisting won't get you anywhere.

Lube: the more the better for anal play

Playing with the ass is a little different than playing with the pussy. The first thing you will notice is that your passenger's pussy gets wet quickly, but your butt needs help. In this case, Lube is your best friend. Lots of lubricant!

Without proper lubrication, you don't have a chance to make anal play with escorts in Santo Domingo smooth and enjoyable. How else could you easily slide your finger or your penis inside?

But wait! Don't go there yet. Start by using the lubricant to massage your ass. In this way, your escorts will relax, get used to playing with the fingers and prepare for a wicked play. You want her to relax completely because the looser she is, the more fun they'll both have.

Take it easy and be careful with your movements

As mentioned above, anal play with escorts in Punta Cana is different from when you play with your pussies. You should be more careful and always make sure there is enough lubricant before diving with toys or your penis.

So after lubricating your butt and playing gently with your fingers and tongue you can say you had enough foreplay and you can go ahead and get even more kinky. Whether you plan to use some anal toys or have anal sex with an escort in Santo Domingo, you must be very careful with your movements. Take it easy because otherwise you risk not only ruining this experience but also damaging your companion.

Also, don't do anything else that you both agreed to before starting this wicked move. What you may see as a good idea, your escorts may see completely different. So, play well.

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