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In this new blog post of our escort in Punta Cana we want to focus on the topic of lubricants, seeing what they are for and what types we have at our disposal.

As you surely know, there are many brands and models of lubricants. The first question is to know the manufacturing base:

1.- Water-based: these are the most indicated if the relationship is maintained with a condom as a method of contraception and against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We say this because these lubricants do not harm the latex condom, they are water soluble and are generally less irritating to the mucosa and skin of the body. Of course, they are not suitable for use in water as they are diluted. Therefore, they are not the indicated ones if, for example, you want your sexual encounter with an escort in Punta Cana to take place in the jacuzzi or in the bathtub.

2.- Oil-based: they are usually made from silicone or petroleum jelly. These are not diluted in water but can damage and make the condom less effective. They cannot be abused because they can alter the pH of intimate areas. Of course, they lubricate more and have a longer duration.

Types of lubricants:

Sensory: they offer us an effect of freshness or heat.

Stimulants: stimulate and enhance orgasm. There are even those that promote climax in women and delay it in men, to achieve it at the same time.

With flavors: ideal to make oral sex even more interesting.

Massage: in addition to lubricating, they are used to massage the entire body.

Moisturizers: help combat vaginal dryness by hydrating the area.

As you can imagine, anyone can use sexual lubricants. All the more so if there are problems of vaginal dryness and lack of lubrication that complicate relationships. Anyway, it is not necessary to suffer from these problems to use a lubricant and make relationships much more pleasant. And if for whatever reason you are in a hurry to buy them at the pharmacy or the supermarket, you have plenty of online pages to purchase this type of product with total discretion.

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