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Inexperienced tit lovers may start to think that their options are limited. I am here to tell you that you are wrong! There are many fun things you can do with your boobs. Here are some with which you can experiment with an escort in Santo Domingo...

1. Tits massage

There are times when I want someone to really pay attention to my boobs. I don't just want to squeeze them quickly and then ignore them. You need to adore them, adore them and make your partner feel like you can't get enough of them. This is a great twist for many people.

A good way to adore them is to give them a breast massage. Start by massaging your entire body first. Avoid your breasts until you can't take it anymore. Then slowly slide your hands over her balloons, allowing your fingers to tease her nipples.

You should take your time touching her tits like this. Running makes it look like you're doing it just to check a box. You have to want to please them with your hands like this, so get in there! Don't stop and just see what could happen.

2. Nipple Orgasm

It is possible to give your escorts the proper attention during the breasts game and bring them to orgasm. Honest.

The key to giving a teat nipple or orgasm is to be patient and move slowly. Don't rush to squeeze your breasts in the hope that they will come! Take your time to seduce them and their boobs, giving them as much attention as you can.

3. Tit wank

There is, of course, one classic thing you can do with your Punta Cana escorts' breasts that has so far been missing from this list. Tits lovers should not fear, because the titjob is here! If you are one of the great tits lovers, this is something you will enjoy.

All that is required is a little lubricant and a beautiful pair of breasts. You can rub the lubrication sensually on her breasts, teasing her nipples. They can then wrap their breasts around their penis and slowly slide them up and down.

Others may prefer to put their partner to bed so they can sit on his chest. This puts you in control. Just think when choosing a position on whether you want to be in control or let them do whatever they want to you. What you decide will not disappoint you!

Are you a lover of tits?

Tits lovers will be happy to know that there are many fun things to do with a pair of breasts. The only limit is your imagination. If you're struggling for ideas, this list should have sparked a little creativity.

You can even talk to your escorts and discuss what you would like to do to their breasts. I'm sure they'll love whatever comes to mind, and they might have some ideas of their own to add!

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