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It is clear that one of the most popular categories of escorts on EscortRD are mature escorts in Dominican Republic. Although what mature means varies from person to person, I like to think that mature is over 30 years old. Either way, look at it, those ladies who are no longer as young as they used to be are offering something that our site's clients find fascinating.

This love for mature women is shared by men outside of the industry as well. But what is it about mature women that makes them so popular? Well, after digging a bit, there seem to be a number of reasons. Today we are going to bring them to you. Some are about those women in the escort industry, others about the "real world", but all are relevant to this topic.

1) They have more experience.

It's a numbers game. If you've been on the planet for a while, chances are you've had sex with more partners than those who are younger than them. This will give them experience, which means that they will have been able to master certain techniques. This will make them better than younger girls who will not have acquired as much knowledge. This is of great benefit to men who manage to get them into bed.

2) They know what men want

Every time you go with a different person, you will learn to read body language. When you're young, you probably only do what you've heard is good and make very few adjustments. However, with maturity, you begin to read what people want, and with those changes, the experience becomes much more explosive.

3) They are great teachers

There's nothing more that some mature women like to do than teach younger boys about sex. They have seen it all before, so they will know when a man is doing something right and when he is doing something wrong. Therefore, you can give the boy advice on how to act, which means that as he progresses in his sexual life, he will have gained experience and that will probably prove vital, such as how to give oral sex.

Compare that to younger girls with less experience. You really can't learn anything in that kind of setting. This is just another reason why Punta Cana mature escorts are so popular and many say they are better in bed. .

Of course, there will be other reasons why men like mature women, so feel free to put them in the comment section below.

So has this put you in the mood to meet up with mature escorts in Ireland? Well, if you click on the button below you will see the mature escorts that are announced here. Hopefully some of them are close to you.

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