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If you have taken a look at our website, you will know that in our escorts in Punta Cana you will not find any woman.

You will be aware of the extent to which we dedicate time to the selection process of our girls.

The question is, what should a luxury escort have in Punta Cana? What is the professional profile of an escort in the Dominican Republic?

The first thing we have to be clear about is that an escort in Punta Cana is a woman free of fear and prejudice. A woman who can choose to carry out her work between an agency, a dating site or do it independently. Anyway, joining a team like EscortsRD gives you the security of working in a serious and professional environment with all possible comforts so that this in turn results in quality service. In addition, in our agency the escorts have a team of people who ensure their safety and advise them in addition to promoting their services. In addition, they can share experiences and advice with other colleagues.

We can divide the requirements of a perfect Punta Cana escorts into the following sections:

1.- Hygiene: we refer to both that of the escort and that of the client. Something always to keep in mind before starting any type of sexual relationship. Showering with the client before starting the service itself, in addition to cleaning the genital areas, serves to break the ice and begin to interact.

2.- Work material: knowing how to use work materials is key for an escort in Punta Cana. We talk about condoms, lubricants, sex toys, lingerie, costumes, etc. A whole field of options to explore that we will talk about in future publications.

3.- Establish limits: clients prefer quality over quantity, so it will not be advisable for an escort to launch herself into offering services in which she has no experience.

4.- Education: an escort in Punta Cana has to be polite, kind and loving. There may be clients who are not just looking for a sexual service.

5.- Naturalness: an escort makes things flow naturally and the client feels comfortable at all times.

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