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The noise during sex can be a little muffled. If our partner wins too much, it can ruin the mood. The loud screams and moans of pleasure you hear in porn often lead to comments like "too loud" or "massive shutdown." But the same applies when we go the other way. Very little noise and people feel that you are not enjoying sex, this will not happen to you with escorts in the Dominican Republic, especially if they are EscortsRD girls.

Finding the right balance is difficult, but people often err on the side of caution and remain silent. The sound of silence is not comforting, so I have to ask ... is noise important during sex?

This is what a friend tells me:

Keeping it quiet

My last serious relationship was a while ago. Most of my relationships since then have been casual, because I find it easier with my busy schedule not to dedicate myself to one person. But the person he was dating loved to keep vanilla sex. I'm talking about missionaries being their favorite position and doggy style is what they wanted when they felt adventurous.

During sex they were completely silent. No, I don't mean silence. I mean you could hear a clock in another room. They wouldn't take a look until the end. Then it would be a long moan, still calm, and that would be it. It didn't matter where a blowjob or full penetrating sex was. They would be totally silent.

It made me question everything. Was he really good at sex? Were they really enjoying it? Should I give up? I asked them about it once and they said they just didn't make noise and that was it. End of discussion. It was unpleasant and I discovered that it would make more noise to try to compensate for the sound of silence that filled the room.

Making a little noise!

On the other hand, being too loud can also be a big blackout. I also have experience in this, both as the person making the noise and the person with a noisy partner. For me, it was simply a case of being carried away by the noise, which resulted in a complaint from the neighbors. Oops

My long-time noisy partner loved to make noise. They were very excited about everything during sex. Dirty talk was her favorite and there was never a quiet moment during sex. He began to tire when listening to it, because the noise they made was too loud.

The screaming in my ear hurt and the dirty conversation was too vulgar to be shared. It was a change for me because I started to wonder.

IfIs noise really important?

For me, I would rather someone be too loud than totally silent during sex. If someone makes too much noise, you can talk about it. They can bury their face in their body to muffle the sound, which is a great excitement. They can't help but moan with the pleasure they feel. Telling someone who enjoys silence to speak is something else entirely. It makes everything feel fake. Only the girls from EscortsRD have the flexibility that you can talk to them about how you like them to be at the time of the act. it really felt so good to them. Was sex so amazing from the start that they had to scream and scream continuously every time?

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