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Nina is a very hot and accommodating Latin escort in Santo Domingo, she loves to satisfy the desires of the most capricious and thirsty lovers and leave them completely exhausted entangled in their sheets, drenched in sweat, with shortness of breath and with a happy smile in the face.

She is a very attractive girl, of incomparable beauty and with a body of vice that you will not be able to resist, her curves are dangerous and create addiction and her personality is directly a temptation. Do you want to make each and every one of your fantasies come true? Then Nina is your ideal lover.

Current location: SANTO DOMINGO (For an out of town appointment, additional charges apply for transportation)



Nina, 250 dólares

    • EDAD ----- 24

    • Negro cabello

    • OJOS ----- Negro

    • ETNICIDAD ----- Latina / Venezuela

    • BUSTO ----- Grande

    • ALTURA ----- 5.5

    • ACTIVIDAD SOCIAL ----- Beber

    • TATUAJES ----- Discreto

    • OCUPACIÓN ----- Modelo

    • DISPONIBILIDAD ----- Hombre, Mujer, masaje, pareja

    • SEXUALIDAD ----- Bisexual

    • Habla español

    • Servicio ----- Llamada de salida interna

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