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VANHIA  is an absolutely spectacular Escots Santo Domingo, of those women that you think do not exist since their beauty is overwhelmingly perfect and it is hard to find such beautiful and complete girls.


But not only does  stand out for her beauty, her personality makes her even more attractive since her kindness and warm and close treatment makes you fall in love and bewitches you when you first meet her, and generates an addiction that will not allow you to separate from her … It is a very educated, educated and wide-ranging young woman.


You can laugh with her, you can keep any talk of all kinds and it is also a real volcano erupting when you need it most. Delivered, passionate and fiery … This is Yuli, our new addition … You can start enjoying her company …


Current location: SANTO DOMINGO (For an out of town appointment, additional charges apply for transportation)


    • AGE----------  21

    • HAIR-----------  Black 

    • EYES  -----------Brown 

    • ETHNICITY--------  Latin / Venezuelan

    • BUST---------  medium

    • HEIGHT ------- 5,3

    • SOCIAL ACTIVITY -------- Drink

    • TATTOOS-------- Discrete 

    • OCCUPATION ---------Model

    • AVAILABILITY -------- Man,  massage,

    • SEXUALITY--------  Heterosexual

    • SPEAKS----------  Spanish

    • Service  Int Out Call


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